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At Ryan Manufacturing Inc., we prioritize customer satisfaction. We achieve this goal by providing products that are of the highest quality, lowest cost, and utmost reliability with just in time delivery.

Having harnessed the engineering and skilled labor force in British Columbia, we have been able to assemble a dynamic and highly technical team, which enables us to offer engineering solutions to increase reliability of products in areas such as weight, space, flexibility, and quality improvements.   

In addition, we can provide such quality control services as precision Hi-Pot Testing (insulation resistance and continuity testing), humidity tests, and accurate dimensional control.  We also have the potential to perform further DT, NDT, and corrosion tests as per our customers’ requirements. 

We can further provide our customers with on demand order status through our integrated manufacturing system. Our company mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations with top quality, technically superior, and affordable products that are delivered on time.

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